Third Party Reviews

Shad Waggoner | October 16, 2018 |

"Stopped in for an easy clean up while passing through on a trip. All I needed was to have my neckline cleaned up, and lightly blended into the top as it’s growing out. The blend went fine, then to my horror when I got to my hotel and was able to see the back, the guy who did my cut not only cleaned up my neckline but literally moved it up a good two inches. What in the world?! Every barber knows you leave the hairline set at its natural line and blend from there. Moving it up is absolutely amateur and looks RIDICULOUS. I guess if you want a decent clean up, you’ve got to walk these guys here through all of the details. Shouldn’t be necessary."

James Bowyer | June 13, 2018 |

"I'm not sure who is running this business, but it's terrible business practice. I have never been greeted with a handshake at this location, whereas at other locations I have been. Stylists always seem like it's an inconvenience that customers are there. If you want an in-and-out in ten minutes haircut, this is the place to go and you're treated like just another number. I've been told before that straight razors aren't offered for SportsClips, but I've seen the "manager" give them before. Boy, it would be a shame if someone found out...."

Tim Novacek | May 31, 2018 |

"Excellent cut, friendly, fast and professional service. Rachel was great! I’ll be back!"

Asch Hawthorn | June 02, 2018 |

"Only Sports Clips that has done the facial manipulation with the MVP cut. Very friendly, Sandy was Awesome."

Laura Maier | May 02, 2018 |

"I should have read the reviews before coming here. I checked in online as it said zero wait. We drove straight there(5min away maybe) I get there and there’s a sign on the door that says no waiting. I walk in and there’s 2 people waiting and the stylist tells me there’s a 30 min wait. I told her that’s not what the app said and she says, sorry but it’s 30 min. What’s the point of the app?! So we left pissed off. I came online to look at reviews and now I see I’m not the only one they turn away. Pewaukee is our normal place but we moved to new Berlin right down the road. I’ll be taking my business to Pewaukee, well worth the drive!"

Damian Galka | March 30, 2018 |

"Always left with a great haircut...."

Rachel Pichler | January 30, 2018 |

"Very professional, well versed, thorough, and friendly, and gave me a coupon!"

Aaron Albrecht | January 09, 2018 |

"Horrible experience with customer service."

Jeff Swift | April 30, 2017 |

"Can't really judge on the quality of their haircuts as I was turned away when I walked in. Sign says opened hours for the day are 11-5. It was 4:40 when I walked in and there was one child who had just finished getting his haircut. The Assistant Manager was just standing against the wall, watching tv when I walked in and immediately said, "Sorry we're closing". Perhaps I just expect good customer service or for a place to honor their posted hours. I might have even understood if the place was packed 20 minutes before closing but it wasn't. Really sad too because I have been to the other one in Brookfield and one in Pewaukee. Posting now and it's not even 5pm yet."

Sheri Bruemmer | June 24, 2017 |

"Normally, I have a great experience here. In fact this is the only place my son wants to go to get his hair cut. We went in this past week and it was horrible! Typical haircut, nothing fancy. Even have notes in the computer and somehow only Rachel can get them right. I've ignored the past bad haircuts but this one took the cake. He asked to have the top longer to spike up the front and the cut he got looked like he was going into the military (no offense). What little hair that was left was uneven and look horrible. Spots on the side of his head were longer in some areas. Went back into store and showed the stylist the problem. She looked at us dumbfounded and asked what do you want me to do? Hello! Atleast make the sides even! Once I made that suggestion, she did it. It was shorter that we would have liked but atleast it was even now. Left the top uneven because my son didn't want her to touch it. Won't go back unless Rachel is working!"